AGV Contact Plates: BLS/BLK Charging Contacts

In order to acheive an optimum level of profitability, VAHLE has developed special battery charging contacts which allow for quick recharge within seconds. This allows the integration of charging contacts into the production cycle without removing the AGV's from the production process.

How Contact Plates Work

A battery charging contact consists of a base plate which is installed on the floor or laterally at a bracket adjacent of the AGV runway, and a current collector which is installed on the vehicle. A battery charger supplies current to the base plate. Once the AGV is in charging position and the collector has made contact with the base plate, the AGV computer turns on the current.

VAHLE BLS/BLK battery operating charging contacts are designed for a voltage of 24-84V. Nominal voltages >25V AC or 60V DC require a protection against accidental touch.