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VAHLE spring-loaded cable reels are used to supply power to movable equipment for automatic winding of flexible power or control cables (also: hoses for gases and liquids). The applications of spring driven reels include portal and gantry cranes of all types, shipboard cranes, mobile cranes, construction cranes, loading systems, magnetic and grab cranes, electric hoists, car transfer tables, stackers, long scrapers in sewage treatment plants, coating systems, pallet systems, etc.

Spring Operated Cable Reel General Information

Protection Code

All cable reels correspond to VDE and UVV accident prevention regulations.

Slipring enclosures are designed to IP 55.Higher protection types available on request.

Electrical Properties of Sliprings

Standard sliprings are rated for 500 Volt AC and 600 Volt DC, Control Rings in block system for 230 Volts. Collector Ring Ampere capacities are for 100% nominal rating.

Drive System

The Reel Drive is achieved via helical springs of high quality spring steel. Depending on the duty and type of service they will last about 120.000 working cycles.

Limit switches Assemblies

for switching off travel and hoist motors with one or two safety windings on the reel are optional.

Corrosion Protection

The sheet-metal parts of the cable reels VLF 146 - VLF 530 are galvanized. All other reels receive one primer coat and one final layer of paint based on epoxy resin, color blue-grey RAL 7031.

Reel Capabilities

max. travel and lift speed v = 60 m/min.

max. travel and lift acceleration a = 0.2 m/sec2.